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Antonio Brzanov

Wine is "love" - a pure essence filled with a purple aura created by the gift of nature and human knowledge to make the perfect potion as a gift to gods and earthly hedonists. That love and magic woven into the first touch when making your own wine was the initial challenge and inspiration to Antonio Brzanov who in 2012 created his artistic piece of the unique and special wines that originate from the sunny vineyards of Macedonia.

From the moment of the first touch with the bunches that are crushed and transformed into young wine - Must, until the final product, which appears as a "Genie" in the creatively designed bottles of the Brzanov brand, the "master" Antonio brings in and transfers his own energy and passion into a product that represents a "craft wine" with a passion for artistic perfection.

When you taste his wines, the first reflection and "magic" that touches your gums and senses is exactly the returning magic of given love and passion for perfection.

The way wines are treated in their production cycle - without the use of chemical enhancers and other "alchemy", with right ranks this winery among the few that can carry the epithet "craft", hence the winery’s brand name BRZANOV ARTISAN WINERY.

Filip Skumanov, hedonist and lover of beautiful women and wines